ONE ROOM SCHOOL (2:46) A sample clip (140 kb WAV file)
Now a Newfoundland classic! We honor this song to Guy's father, Newman Romaine, who inspired Guy to compose this song. Written for the many generations of Newfoundlanders and North Americans who have fond memories of attending a "one room school".

THE MILL WHISTLE (3:47) A sample clip (267 kb WAV file)
Written by Ed Humber with thoughts of his father and how the paper mill in Corner Brook has impacted on the many lives that surround it. We hope the Mill in Corner Brook Newfoundland last many more years.

Written in fond memory of the Newfoundland Railway, this song has struck a chord with The Newfoundland Historical Railway Society who adopted it for their members. Words are seen on the last page of the great book NEXT STOP: GAFF Topsail by Mont Lingard and Mike Shufelt.

KATIE'S TUNE (2:05) A sample clip (331 kb WAV file)
A delightful mandolin tune...children love to dance or splash around in the tub! Right Katie? Right Joshua? Right Brenna?

THE KYLE (4:29)
Partly responsible for saving an historical possession, The Sharecroppers draw attention to the plight of the S.S. Kyle, a neglected coastal steamer abandoned and grounded in Harbour Grace, NF. In response, the former The Friends of the Kyle committed to restoring and repainting the ship. The Kyle has now been given a beautiful paint job and Mike's last verse has come true!!

THE LEGIONNAIRE'S SONG. Lest We Forget. (5:03)
In recognition of the 1,750 branches of Legionnaires across Canada. On June 1st, 1994, Peter Gzowski aired this song on CBC's "Morning Side" show for the fiftieth anniversary of D Day

NEWFOUNDLAND AUTUMN (3:32) A sample clip (362 kb WAV file)
Written by Ed Humber, inspired by looking out his kitchen window on a fine autumn evening (while doing the dishes). This catchy tune creates a great picture of Newfoundland every Fall. Listen for the moose, taste the berries and smell the vamps!!

FREDDIE'S TUNE (2:59) A sample clip (335 kb WAV file)
Guy Romaine wrote this song as a tribute to his Uncle Fred, from Newman's Cove, Bonavista Bay, NF, "who though never played a muscial instrument just loved to chin out song after song while working on his small piece of the soil which John Cabot discovered some 500 years earlier".

A potential Canadian folk classic. This song chronicles the fishing industry in a similar fashion to what Gordon Lightfoot's "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" does for the railway.

A folk classic about Mike's grandpapa Jules Geoffroy. The fiddle itself may be old and weak but the memories it evokes are strong and timeless. Truly a beautiful folk tune with fiddle weaving through it and playing the full St Anne's Reel at the end! Thanks to Bugs Greene and his fine fiddlin' there!!

A simple whistle tune of IRISH longings. Newman is Guy's father who was just a wonderful man on this earth! May he rest in peace!

MERMAID (3:50) A sample clip (344 kb WAV file)
A traditional rough and ready sea song - guitar, bass and great harmonies abound! Enjoyed by landlubbers too! Borrowed from the Clancy Brothers who told us in 1994 they "borrowed" it themselves!!

Inspired by a mining disaster in Dominion, Nova Scotia, Fr Ron MacIntyre's poem put to music is dedicated to the many people who risk their lives in the mines to make their daily bread. An awesome song that was inspired by Gordon Lightfoot's Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Mike uses this trilogy idea for writing the score.




































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