THIS NEW FOUNDE LANDE (3:10) A sample clip (242 kb WAV file)
1497-1997 - This wonderful song celebrates Newfoundland and Labrador's 500th anniversary of discovery by John Cabot and his crew aboard the MATTHEW. It's a song that reflects past present and future. "And it's ours to discover now this NEW FOUNDE LANDE!"

HANGASHORE (4:22) A sample clip (253 kb WAV file)
A somewhat lazy good-for-nothing young feller named Johnny O'Rourke overcomes his idleness when he marries. Guy sings just a delightful Newfoundland story with all the trimmings! Heard on OZ-FM Jigs and Reels every Sat/Sun

One of our students, Patricia Wright, submitted a poem about how she'd like to go back to the good old days. After hearing this song, wouldn't we all?!!

Guy Romaine loves his mandolin. Here's a little jig you know... or do you?

VIKING WINDS (2:24) A sample clip (508 kb WAV file)
The winds and earth of L'anse Aux Meadows tell of an earlier discovery of Newfoundland. The year 2000AD celebrated another historic event - the millennium of the arrival of the Vikings! Leif Eiriksson...where are you? This song will bring us all back to L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, a truly awesome place to visit and explore at Newfoundland's most northernly tip!

Ed sings a simple Christmas love song of life, love and family. The song encourages us with the words "Don't let the simple things in life pass you by."

THE FAMILY OF MAN (3:51) A sample clip (378 kb WAV file)
A great folk song for the whole family. Once you or your children have learned the chorus, you'll never forget it! Thank you to Graham Ward who introduced us to it. But most important of all,..... When we sang this song on the infamous evening of Sept 11th, 2001 to 180 stranded passengers who landed in Stephenville, Nfld and were housed at Silver Birches summer camp just minutes from our home town of Pasadena, little did we realize the impact this song would make on these wonderful Americans that night. In the midst of fear was hope! The chorus that night was: :"The family of man keeps growing/The family of man keeps sowing the seeds of a new life every day.

LONG WINTER NIGHTS (3:42) A sample clip (235 kb WAV file)
When the days get shorter and nights get colder, as long as there's a fire in the woodstove and a fiddler ready to play, there's going to be a warm and wondeful "time" about to happen. Here's a chorus to really belt out! One of our best songs sung live!

MY COVE (3:36)
There are hundred's of coves in Newfoundland many of us grew up in and still call home. Whether re-settled or still vibrant, this cove will always be "My Cove" (written for Newman's Cove, Guy's home in Bonavista Bay).

CAPLIN RUN (1:45) A sample clip (237 kb WAV file)
Do you remember when the caplin rolled up "by the t'ousands sure!"? Guy and Mike team up for an Irish tune that's been rollin' round Mike's head for years as he envisions once again the caplin rolling and the kids and fisherfolk gathering them by the bucketful.

It's our adaptation of an old song about all those animals that sing God's praises in their own special way!

An intriguing ballad of two friends lost in a dory off The Grand Banks during the days of the Schooners. Folklore at its finest from a poem by Mr Ted Hennigar.....who says the voice he heard at the end was true!

I'SE THE B'Y (1:25) A sample clip (202 kb WAV file)
Whether you're a hardfast Newfoundlander or a wonderful visitor to our island, here's a traditional song that you just won't forget. Here we do it live right off the under a minute and a half!!! Planker down, by's! Da Sharecroppers are singing t'nite!!! Yes, my son!





































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