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A wonderful cd!!!! We should have called this 1993 debut cd "One Room School" as most folks enjoy that song the most along with "My Grandfather's Fiddle" and "The Mill Whistle".
With previous studio experience under a FACTOR grant, the Sharecroppers confidently proceeded with the recording of their first CD NATURAL. "We recorded "live" over three long days and nights and we selected the best 13 songs for the CD and cassette," says Mike Madigan. "It was just a matter of getting the right people to record us live." In this case, the "right people" were Joe Dunphy (a former resident of Pasadena, Newfoundland) and Steve Traub, both of The Trebas Institute of Music in Toronto, Ontario."

The Sharecroppers orchestrated Natural to bring out as many facets of Newfoundland life as possible: " Twelve of the thirteen songs are originals and a good mixture of serious and lighthearted lyrics with a few instrumentals thrown in. If you've heard the songs, I think you'll agree that the type of music on it is enjoyable and very reflective of Newfoundland". While it's true that the flavour of the album will make most native and expat Newfoundlanders nostalgic, you certainly don't have to be a Newfoundlander to enjoy Natural.
Audiences from all over the world have written the Sharecroppers and said the music has an Irish folk feeling to it. Ah, I guess there's Irish in us all! NATURAL is a great first effort and CBC radio and NTV still to this day airs many of the songs on this album. The cd has become a classic in its own right. And a big thankyou to SOCAN.




This New Founde Lande

With their 2nd CD, the Sharecroppers continue with their pure and simple approach to music. Self-produced by Mike, Ed and Guy, (assisted by engineer, Lee Sheppard at Studio Sound, Deer Lake, Newfoundland) the lyrics and music on this disc are a fond tribute to a place very dear to the Sharecroppers: "This New Founde Lande". From a lighthearted song like The Hangashore to a tribute to the Vikings in Viking Winds, the album is a mixture of many cultural aspects of Nfld.
Lost Dorymates is a tune that will excite you. We even end off with I'se the B'y, a rowdy rendition pulled off in one minute and twenty-five seconds. We did this live and so what if we got a few verses turned sing it with great enthusiasm and gusto. Have a listen!!
Please enjoy this cd which was launched in Bristol England at the International Festival of the Sea in 1996! Newfoundland Tourism sent us to Bristol for the pre Matthew Cabot 500. CBC Land and Sea covered us there as well!


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Home, Boys!

This third Sharecropper release we proudly called "Home,Boys!" , had been long overdue. As well we had been told so many times to stick to our roots and keep things acoustic, simple and creative as we did with our first 2 albums "Natural" and "This Newfounde Lande". WE DEFINITELY HAVE DONE THIS AGAIN with "Home, Boys!". l

It's our best so far, even if many still love the One Room School song best on our first cd, Natural. To Engineer Rick Wheeler...thanks!! Your long hard work of many months and mixing it with Ed over AN ENTIRE Easter break paid off. (For a wonderful video on our song Grenfell, vsiit you tube at )

Other songs like Crowd from Up the Hill, This Island, and A Traditional Song, & Grenfell, are very well written and most enjoyable. Also, a bonus song called Maggie Madigan-Titanic Survivor has garnished comments from all over the world due to the Titanic's 100th anniversary.. Both Maggie Madigan(who survived the Titanic) and Mike's great grandfather, John Madigan were both born in Askeaton, Co Limerick Ireland

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So to YOU our wonderful listener, be you a tourist to this great rugged Province and Island,....or be you a Newfoundlander come back home to visit, thank YOU for droping into this web site or perhaps picking up our newest release. May our sound, enthusiasm and simplicity bring you great listening pleasure. Whether you're just sitting back or driving along the highway, we're there all around you. So sing out with us or just simply enjoy our lyrics. Catch us live in concert too during our 32nd Anniversary this 2020 - you'll enjoy the experience! Let me know what you me at Since all of us sing and write lyrics in our cds, we're always curious to know which song/s you liked best. Cheers!

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